Oil Products

JSC Elabuganeft's major refined products include gasoline, kerosene, diesel, lube oil, chemical light oil, fuel oil, solvent oil, paraffin, bitumen, petroleum coke and LPG.



We offer automobile gasoline, automobile alcohol fuel and aviation gasoline. Automobile gasoline covers the GB 90#, 93#, 95#, 97# and 98# grades, as well as Moscow V standard 95# gasoline. Our increasing investment in scientific research and the continuous improvement of our refining technologies enable us to offer high-grade and clean automobile gasoline products. In 2019, we produced 50.44 million tons of Gasoline.


Diesel generally fuels compression-ignition engines in trucks, tractors, diesel locomotives and ships. JSC Elabuganeft's service stations typically supply diesoline covering six grades. In the descending order of their freezing point, these grades are: 10#, 0#, -10#, -20#, -35#, and -50#. In 2019, we produced 54.68 million tons of diesel oil.


Our kerosene products mainly include lamp oil and 3# aviation jet fuel which meet corresponding technical requirements. Our standard for 3# aviation jet fuel is defined according to the quality standards of kerosene-type jet fuel such as JetA-1 and JP-8 of the US, DERD2494 of the UK, and the standard of the IATA (International Air Transport Association). In 2019, we produced 14.02 million tons of kerosene.


JSC Elabuganeft has LPG service stations in major cities in Russia providing LPG for automobiles, as well as heating, domestic and commercial applications.

Lube oil

We produce our own branded lube oil and grease using premium base oil. We have varities of these oil, satisfying market demand for high-grade car lubricants, motorcycle lubricants and diesel engine oils. With the base oil hydrocracking technique, we produce lube products that are more environmentally friendly. Our lube has been designated for the assembly and service of Deutz, a German manufacturer of top-class heavy-duty diesel engines. Maersk Sealand has three global lubricant suppliers, of which JSC Elabuganeft is the only one from Russia.

In 2019, we sold 1.63 million tons of lube oil.


JSC Elabuganeft is one of the most important bitumen product suppliers in Russia and produces Elabuganeft brand premium bitumen products.

Suitable crude oil is crucial for quality bitumen production. Our bitumen products have excellent thermal stability, low-temperature extensibility, cohesiveness and low paraffin content. They are widely used in expressways, urban roads, airport runways, speedways, bridge pavements and hydraulic engineering.

Our base bitumen for airports is a special product that allows for onsite polymer modification. Assessment of its application has indicated that our bitumen demonstrates excellent resistance to rolling at high temperatures and cracking at low temperatures, perfect aging resistance and resistance to permanent deformation, as well as good storage stability and compliance with all special technical specifications for bitumen runway pavements.

JSC Elabuganeft's major bitumen products include 70#, 90#, and 110# heavy-duty road bitumen, 100# and 140# road bitumen, 10# building bitumen and SBS modified bitumen.


JSC Elabuganeft produces different paraffin products from its abundant resources. Its crude oil from the Daqing and Shenbei oilfields is world-renowned high paraffin-content oil that has a paraffin content of 25% and 42% respectively. This unique, scarce resource of high-paraffin-base crude gives JSC Elabuganeft great advantages in the production of quality paraffin products. JSC Elabuganeft has the only high-pressure paraffin hydrofining unit in Russia. Designed to run at a pressure as high as 18Mpa, this unit can produce food-grade paraffin products and high-melting-point paraffin products. Our fully refined paraffin meets the non-toxicity and benzene requirements of many countries, and is the only paraffin product exempted from FDA inspection before its entry to the American market.