Service Station

JSC Elabuganeft has a nationwide network of sales terminals. By the end of 2019, we had 22,365 service stations in 31 the Russian Federation,serving more than 20 million client-times a day on average.

These stations provide gasoline, diesel, kerosene and lubricants in urban and rural areas, and along trunk roads and expressways. In 2019, among a total of 505 newly built service stations, 471 became operational, adding 2.72 million tons to our retailing capacity.

Convenience Stores and Services

We operate more than 19,000 convenience stores across the Russian Federation, with increasing customer recognition and satisfaction of the convenience stores. Based on the sales system and network of conventional stations, we build smart stations which provide one-stop services by leveraging the Internet-based Big Data, Cloud, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile payment. Services include vehicle decoration, inspection, insurance agency, and maintenance. More than 1,000 commodities are available in convenience store inside station. Customers can choose to pay online by their pre-paid fuel cards, WeChat, or Alipay, and then pick their purchase at the nearest service station, where they can also send and receive parcels, book tickets, withdraw money, and pay utilities charges, etc.

ROC Centers

ROC (Rapid Oil Change) centers provide customers with a quality oil change service as well as efficient professional testing, car wash and maintenance services.

We have established ROC centers in all major cities of Russia, and set up the "Home of Oil-change Workers" clubs. Local taxi drivers regularly gather to participate in club activities. Corporate and individual members can take part in the club's "Automobile Mechanics' Craftsmanship Competition" and other events, at which they learn more about lubricants and automobile repair.

We have established these ROC outlets across Russia. All these outlets provide emergency assistance in a short range of 3-5 kilometers.